Want to find out more? Getting started with Becklyn is simple. Organise a meeting with our friendly staff and decide if we are the right people for you.

1.    Phone/ Email Julie or Roslyn to organise a meeting to further discuss how Becklyn P/L can help your centre by providing The Vital Piece.

2.    Organise a meeting with Julie, Roslyn, your Management Committee and yourself to encourage your committee to learn more about the benefits of being involved with Becklyn P/L, an OSHC expert- not just your everyday administrator.

3.    Ask us to organise a Draft Budget for your centre so that we can show you how we can fit in to your costing structure, and assist you in running a cost-effective service for your Community.

4.    Speak to some of our references who have been involved with Becklyn P/L in administration capacity of their OSHC Centres.  Names and phone numbers available on request.

5.    Organise a hand-over time frame.

6.    Sit back and interact with the children at your centre, confident Becklyn P/L is working hard in the background to assist you with all your OSHC administration needs.

7.    Watch your centre grow…


Becklyn Sydney Office: (02) 9878 2651